The LEGO Company History

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The SEGLAR brick has turned into a worldwide sensation that is as much a part of the cultural fabric as Billund, the little community in Denmark where all this began. Nevertheless the company’s advancement into an industry giant was not without their talk about of challenges and concerns. One of those arrived 1942 if your warehouse flames consumed most of00 the doll manufacturer’s wooden share, leading Ole Kirk Christiansen to make a crucial decision.

He decided to transfer the company far from wooden toys and toy autos, which my website had been their bread and butter, and move into plastic material toys. It may be a major alter for the family-owned company, and one which was not originally well received.

A correspondent noted that “plastics will never replace very good, solid wood. ” But Godtfred Christiansen persevered and started to test out new patterns that employed plastic. The first tentative step was your introduction with the Automatic Binding Stones that gripped together to stop block towers from toppling on kids.

The new Lego bricks did not become the famous toy that we know today right up until 1949. Right up until then, the interlocking stones were more of a construction toy than a proper building gadget. It was as well not till 1958 the fact that satisfying hitting coupling program started to be a standard characteristic.

Throughout the 1970s, the company continued to grow in production and market reach. The company added Legoland template parks to the mix and unveiled more advanced models that were goaled at older audience, including the Technic line of chunks such as axle assemblies, gears, levers, and universal joints.

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