St Matthews Health Center

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St Matthews Health Center, an non-profit organisation, provides free medical services and assistance to people with low incomes. The center also advocates for healthcare as a human right. It works with hundreds of volunteers to meet the needs of those who cannot afford insurance. It offers a range of programs, including four dollar medications, and it gives information on drug assistance programs from pharmaceutical companies.

The staff of the St. Matthew health center is trained to help patients deal with their ailments. They can prescribe medication or injectables, as well as perform minor treatments. They can also offer support and guidance to family members of the patient. They can help with grooming and bathing as well as preparing meals and assisting in dressing. They can also assist patients shop and transport to appointments with their doctors.

st matthew health center offers a cozy, home-like environment for its residents. Residents can enjoy a warm environment with a variety of activities for social gatherings and chapel services. The facility also offers libraries that are well-stocked and an attractive outdoor garden. The staff is dedicated to enhancing the lives of their residents, and they are always ready to answer your questions.

Urgent care is offered during the evenings as well as on holidays, weekends and other days and holidays, making it an ideal alternative to visiting an emergency room. The cost of an urgent care visit could be anywhere between $100-$175. Additional treatments can quickly add up. Check with your insurance company to confirm if the clinic is in-network before visiting.

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